Vision Statement

The Family First Foundation declares the family is the fundamental unit of society. Its strength, continued growth, and stability are essential to every state and home economy. Thus, it should be entitled to protection by every society and government around the world.

Strong and stable marriages provide a safety net for every age group in every society, both primitive and modern.

logo-2In order to have a free society, one must have respect for law. Where better but in the family at the knee of a mother and father are children taught such important values as obedience, honesty, service, and respect for others?

Strong families are led by a mother and father. Parents, more than governments, schools or any other entity, are best suited to raise and nurture their children. It is the role of government to strengthen and support the natural family and not to weaken or replace the role of parents.

Almost every social ill can be directly traced to the disintegration of the natural family. Marital instability, divorce, disregard for marriage, declining fertility, and decreasing parental involvement all contribute to increased drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, venereal disease, crime, increased suicide and a variety of other social problems. The result is not only human suffering, but a substantial increased cost to every economy and government around the world.

The Family First Foundation is working to affirm these fundamental principles and fortify and strengthen fathers and mothers as caregivers to their children.

The Family First Foundation is bringing together, educating, and assisting organizations, nations, educators, government leaders, scholars, and individuals of any religious persuasion who work towards the social protection and promotion of the natural family.