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We would like to introduce you and the members of your organization to the groundbreaking documentary film Demographic Winter: The Decline of the Human Family, and give you the opportunity to use this film, before it is ever shown on television, theaters or film festivals, as a way to bring support to your organization and the causes you represent.


One of the most ominous events of modern history is quietly unfolding. Social scientists and economists agree – we are headed toward a demographic winter which threatens to have catastrophic social and economic consequences. The effects will be severe and long lasting and are already becoming manifest in much of Europe.


Made possible by support from Family First Foundation, Demographic Winter reveals in chilling soberness how societies with diminished family influence are now grimly seen as being in social and economic jeopardy.


This film draws upon experts from all around the world – demographers, economists, sociologists, psychologists, civic and religious leaders, parliamentarians and diplomats. Together, they reveal the dangers facing society and the world’s economies, dangers far more imminent than global warming and at least as severe.


Click here to find out how your organization can benefit from Demographic Winter by:


– Associating your organization with a groundbreaking film

– Obtaining free PR for your organization

– Having premier benefit screenings in your community

– Using the film as a draw for fundraising events

– Selling DVDs of the film on your website or through your newsletter as a fundraiser

– Using the film as an educational tool to further the cause of your organization, educate diplomats, legislators and government representatives

– Giving opportunity for members of your organization to place or make presentations of the film in secondary and higher educational settings

To view the trailer for this film and get more information on how your organization can benefit from its use, click on this link


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