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Five Ways To Contribute To The International Campaign For The Family


Most contributions generally fall into one of the five categories below, all of which provide unique tax advantages to an individual considering a major contribution. However, we are fully prepared to accept gifts which use other instruments of financial support such as life estate gifts, pooled income funds, etc.


FIRST: A contributor can make a straight gift of cash or property to the International Campaign for the Family and take the appropriate tax deduction. These gifts generate a full income tax benefit.


SECOND: An individual can also make an outright contribution of appreciated securities and assets. These gifts do not recognize capital gains and are deducted at their fair market value. He or she can also include real estate, art, and business interests.

The Family First Foundation is uniquely qualified to accept, manage and market real estate of all kinds. Your idle real estate can be used today to bless children and secure a future for the family.


THIRD: A contributor can make a contribution to the International Campaign for the Family through a will or bequest. This is a popular way of giving as it establishes a legacy. Contributions through charitable bequests are exempt from state and local taxes and will reduce the value of a donor’s estate.


FOURTH: The International Campaign for the Family can be remembered by charitable gift annuities. This offers the contributor the guarantee of a fixed income for life in return for a contribution.


FIFTH: Charitable Remainder Trusts can name the Family First Foundation as one of their preferred charities. These trusts are one of the most popular ways, which individuals now use to give major financial support to an organization. Charitable Remainder Trusts can be funded with appreciated stocks, bonds, land, or other assets and can be structured to save significant amounts in taxes.


Our Planned Giving Team can help you explore these and many other creative ways of giving.


For more information or to contribute, complete our Online Form or call toll-free 1-800-896-9525.