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There is tremendous power when a focused handful of highly capable and influential men, women, and organizations work together. By joining together, their individual strengths are multiplied many times as donors are united at a higher, global level. The synergy created by combining forces across international boundaries bring a new confidence to the pro-family movement, which has rarely been seen.


History will remember us by what we do now. Today, pro-family organizations must be given more resources to fight the anti-family agenda on a global scale as the assault against our families has reached a new and unprecedented level. We must make the international defense of the family an issue that will not go away.


You can be assured that your donations, gifts and dollars will be well spent on the most urgent needs in the global family effort. These crucial spending decisions will be made by renowned individuals who have provided the international leadership for the pro-family movement – dedicated leaders who have dedicated their lives in defense of the natural family.


We Stand at a Critical Moment in Human History
We must secure a future for the family worldwide. We must bring together from the four corners of the world, political leaders, religious leaders, family scholars, and pro-family organizations to discuss, educate, and address issues and policies that will gravely affect families and children for generations to come.


No one else is laying a financial foundation that will fight the anti-family force and anti-family agenda on a global scale like the Family First Foundation. This is a powerful reason to support The International Campaign for the Family.


We invite you to join with us in battling the growing worldwide assault on traditional family values and in defending the most fundamental unit of our society – the natural family.


There are two ways you can promote, defend and support the natural family.


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