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Family FirstWhat is The International Campaign for the Family


To defend the natural family at the global level, the Family First Foundation has created a unique, one-of-a-kind program, The International Campaign for the Family. This international, major gifts, and planned giving program has taken years to develop. It is truly unprecedented in its scope and goals.


The International Campaign for the Family was developed to provide extraordinary organizational expertise, a great educational resource, and financial support to pro-family groups throughout the world. Through professional, focused and cost-effective efforts, the Campaign is raising funds at the international level to sponsor the work of carefully identified organizations and humanitarian projects – projects that are on the forefront of the international defense of the natural family.


Prominent pro-family organizations have struggled for years to develop and maintain the resources necessary to implement their extraordinary humanitarian projects. At the very time in history when the natural family faces its greatest challenges, few have sufficient financial support.


However, despite resource limitations, these organizations have demonstrated they possess unique and well-respected areas of expertise as well as proven track records of substantial accomplishment. Individually, they have done much good. Working together in a synergistic, cooperative effort, they will change the world.


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