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Strength In Unity: An Unprecedented International Campaign
Five internationally recognized pro-family leaders have joined in The International Campaign for the Family. These leaders have united their efforts for three significant reasons:


Each occupies a unique role and brings specific expertise to the international effort to defend the natural family;

Each is an internationally recognized expert; and

Each has an extensive history of cooperation with and respect for the various and pluralistic voices of the international pro-family movement.

We are convinced that by uniting the efforts of five well established leaders in the pro-family movement – individuals who are recognized as being international icons in the global fight to defend the family – that we will create one of the most appealing international fund raising programs ever developed.


These leaders are:


Allan CarlsonDr. Allan Carlson, President
The Howard Center for Family Religion and Society
The World Congress of Families – Rockford, Illinois


The Howard Center is America’s oldest major pro-family organization. It was founded by Dr. John Howard in 1976 under the name of the Rockford Institute which was changed to the Howard Center in 1997. The center provides research that powerfully demonstrates how family and religion are the basis of a virtuous society. The Howard Center is the sponsor of the World Congress of Families which has been the greatest unifying force in the world to bring the pro-family movement together.




Patrick FaganPatrick F. Fagan
William H. G. FitzGerald Research Fellow in Family & Cultural Issues Family and Society Database, The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C.


Pat Fagan’s insightful papers on family issues have had tremendous international impact. He is the strategist behind the Heritage Foundation’s Family and Society Database which is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive source of social science findings about the family. It is gleaned from peer-reviewed journals and government surveys around the world.





Jesus RamosJesus Hernandez Ramos, Founder and Advisor
Familias y Sociedad, Mexico City, Mexico


Jesus Hernandez Ramos is the founder of Familias y Sociedad. He was also the president of the Mexico chapter of the World Congress of the Family III which met in Mexico City in March 2004. This was the largest and most publicized pro-family gathering in history which attracted more than 3,500 participants from 75 countries around the world.






Sharon SlaterSharon Slater, President
United Families International, Phoenix, Arizona


United Families International is recognized as this nation’s leading pro-family voice in the United Nations. United Families has also received tremendous international recognition for it’s life-saving humanitarian project, STAY ALIVE. This historic program has already saved countless thousands of lives by preventing the spread of AIDS to African children.





Richard WilkinsProfessor Richard G. Wilkins, Managing Director
The World Family Policy Center – Provo, Utah


To the surprise and concern of many, international laws are reshaping fundamental norms related to family life. It has had a profound and not always positive impact on such issues as marriage, parental responsibilities, childhood innocence and the value of human life.


The World Family Policy Center supports an international network of scholars who produce high-quality academic work consistent with faith-based values. The Center brings this high quality scholarly work to the attention of diplomats and other national and international policy makers at its annual World Family Policy Forum and at selected international negotiations.





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