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This is a subreddit where fans of Yandere Simulator can gather to discuss the game in peace, without having to see any posts about drama. If you would like to join our community, visit discord.gg/yandere and read the #read-me channel for instructions! In love with Yandere Simulator. Stalking Senpai right now. HANAKO YAMADA SIMULATOR - MOD for Yandere Simulator download. Aug 6, 2017 August 3rd Bug-Fixing Build. Download Yandere Simulator, photography info. Yandere Simulator has a launcher that will allow you to easily download the latest version of the demo! Click below to download the launcher: Download Launcher. If the launcher is not working for some reason, you can download the game using the following link. The Rimini Mod Scene Part 2 – Andrea Mattioni. 10th October 2019 Jayne Thomas 2. The Rimini Mod Scene Part 2 – The 1980s – Andrea Mattioni Continuing the introduction from Italo, regarding his memories of participating in the 1980s. Kali ini kita main sebagai Ryoba Aishi, ibu dari Ayano Aishi. Di MOD 1980 mengisahkan kisah masa lalu ibu Ayano memenangkan Kyosei, ayah dari Ayano.

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If the developer behind Yandere Simulator isn’t updating the game fast enough for you then there’s an easy fix for this. Fans of the game are now creating mods.

There are a huge amount of mods now available for Yandere Simulator that add new content to the game world. Just like with other games, these mods can provide a range of gameplay enhancements and improvements. There are also mods available to add more story to the game with linear challenges for players to complete.

Installing mods for Yandere Simulator is a very simple process. Users of all mod experience levels shouldn’t have any issues with installing mods for the game.

How to install a mod


Many mods for the game actually come with instructions on how to install it. If the mod doesn’t have his information then you can follow these instructions,

1. Download the mod
2. Open the “YandereSimulator_Data” folder
3. Move the files into their respective places (The file names should make this obvious)
4. Launch the game (You may need to right click and select “Run in Administration Mode”
5. The game will load slower than normal due to the mods

Not all mods will work with the current version of the game.

All mods are created from a specific version of the game so older and newer versions of Yandere Simulator may be missing files that mod needs to run. This is the most complicated thing with using mods in games but as long as you check what version of the game the mod is for, there shouldn’t be an issues.

Where to find mods

There are two main locations where mods can be downloaded for Yandere Simulator. The website with the most mods is the Yandere Simulator Fanon Wiki; it contains a large range of mods with plenty of download links. Users can also find a handful of additional mods on Deviantart.

Hey guys!We’re BTB Gamers, and today we’re going show you how to install the Pose Mod beforeit becomes an official feature of Yandere Simulator.We’ll also cover some helpful tips to get you started.1980 Mod Yandere Simulator DownloadThis mod was created by K G F T B Z, and in Yandere Dev’s most recent video he announcedthat it will become a part of the game… At some point.So if you don’t want to wait for that, let’s get right into it!Installation is really easy.Simply download and install the latest version of Yandere Simulator.In this case it is the September 29th build.We’ve provided a link in the description to download the mod.Before you unzip the archive, right click and go into “Properties”. Select “unblock”,this may prevent some errors during installation.After it is unzipped, navigate to the Pose Mod folder, then New Pose Mod, and finally“The Mod’s Files to Install”Copy all the files.Paste them into the Folder that has Yandere Simulator.exe

Yandere Simulator 1989 Mod Download

Launch YSH_kgPoseMod.exeThis will let you launch Yandere Simulator as normal.ONCE AGAIN THIS IS A MOD SO PLEASE DO NOT REPORT ANY BUGS YOU FIND TO YANDERE DEV ORTO THE MOD’S CREATOR... AND BELIEVE ME THERE WILL BE BUGS.Once the game launches, you can press “L” to skip straight to school on Monday.Press X to open or close the mod menu.It’s best to use the arrow keys to navigate the menu, and E to select options.To make your life a lot easier when you first startOpen your menu and Select ‘STUFF’, then select ‘SCREEN’, then press E on eachof the following options to make:Show Yandere Chan: False,Show HUD: False,And No Clip: TrueThis will allow you to move the camera with W A S D keys, while navigating the menu withthe arrow keys at the same time.The easiest way we’ve found to pose a character the way you want is to:First select “Edit Characters”

Yandere Sim 1980s Mod

Then choose “Select a Character” - in this case we’re picking my personal favoriteMei MioBut you CAN pick any other inferior character you like.From there, select “Edit Post / Animation”, and press E to make Edit Mode: True.Then go “Back”And select “Place Character”DownloadNow navigate to “Edit Pose / Animation” and select “Existing Animations”Scroll through and test any of the animations until you find one close to what you havein mind.Before you can move their bones, you’ll need to select “Stop”After that you can go back and customize every piece of the character.Once you’re done, you can go to “Fly Camera Mode” and take pictures with F.That’s enough to get you started! The rest you can learn by tinkering around with theMod.Expect it to crash a lot and a few options to not be available… also the save optiondoes not work very well so be sure to take pictures of your creations often!1980 Mod Yandere Simulator DownloadThere are a few fun tid bits you can find while flying around…legend has it the demon realm is far up in the sky.How’s that for a plot twist?ORRRR how about MEGAMIO SAIKO sitting just outside the school grounds?It was pretty amazing to get a close up look at her and her magnificent stockings.We’re definitely going to have a tonne of fun making some cool new videos using thistool!if you don’t want to deal with the mod in it’s current state be sure to wait for theofficial release!Believe me, it is FAR from perfect!BUT we've had a lot of fun with it so far. Here are some scenes we cooked up!OMG I LUV U BUDOI LUV U 5EVA OKA (dats more than 4eva)LOL JK I AM A DEMONSOH NOOOOOO

Yandere Sim 1980s Download

***, you so dumb. How you even get in that tree?I FELLLOL so funni joke! Clay shouldn't have trusted me when I said 'I did the subtitles' :3If you liked the video and want to see more great Yandere content make sure to leave alike, and, if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe!We would love for you to come say hi during our Yandere livestreams!We go live every Saturday, and immediately after Yandere Dev releases a new build video!


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Yandere Mods Pc

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