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  1. Roblox Anti Afk Bot Download 2020
  2. Anti Afk Bot Download Roblox

This tool will allow you to stay AFK in ARK without beeing kicked! Even you are on a slotcapped server!


A little show how the WoW Anti-AFK bot works!Download links: Leave a comment. Anti-AFK is a simple script that spams WASD to keep you moving. Press. on your numpad to active the spam. Walk around to stop the spam. Press M to terminate the ahk script. How to install: – Requires AutoHotKey. NEW VERSION (DOWNLOAD BOTH THINGS OR ELSE THIS WON'T WORK): AUTO HOT.

Roblox Anti Afk Bot Download 2020

Action interval

In what interval the Anti-AFK script should perform?

Inventory key

The ingame ARK inventory key

Anti Afk Bot Download Roblox

Look down in pixel

This is used for fine-tuning when option “Move from chair” is activated.

The below settings define what can will be executed when the interval hits:

Access inventory

This will access the inventory, keeps it open for a while and closes it again

Random mouse movement


This will move the mouse in a random direction and comes back to the original point

Move from chair and sit down again


The requirement for this action is that you actually sit on a chair. It will let you standup from the chair and walks backwards around 7-9 foundations (required until coords change)

Then it waits a bit, and walks back towards the chair. It will looks down sequential (based on pixels specified above) and scans for the text “Sit down” and will hit the key to sit down.

This action is mainly used when you are on a slotcapped server.

Send messages in local

This action will open the local chat and writes a random message from the below textbox. Each line in the box represents 1 message

Addtional settings outside of “Anti-AFK” tab

  • Auto Eat&Drink (Consumes food automatically after interval is reached)
    • Food hotkey
    • Drink hotkey
    • Drink & food interval
  • Starup time

How to use

  1. Select in “Run” tab the application “Anti-AFK”
  2. Change settings in “Anti-AFK” – tab if required
  3. Run the application with “Start” or with the hotkey specified in “Settings”
  4. Stop the application with the “Stop” button or hit the hotkey again.


Anti afk roblox program

This is made for moms who use software from home that auto close after a given amount of time without activity, like when a mom has to take a break to feed the baby.

It works by firing mouse events every given second(s) on a chosen point after clicking run. click exit to end the program. Press record-enter with your mouse, then place your mouse where you want the mouse event to be fired, then hit enter to paste in the coordinates of the mouse.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tagsafk, Automation

Install instructions

when downloaded on Linux, go to properties and allow executing file as program.

If you are on Mac, go to security and allow software running from unknown developers, and it will prompt you if you want to run this software whenever you open it.


v0.1.0 first release

v0.2.0 Mouse coordinates are no longer hard coded and added multi-threading(meaning that you can run multiple AntiAFK bots at the same time) and Record-Enter

v0.2.1 Now shows up in the taskbar



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