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Hacking the Mac help menu This trick uses the help menu to do its magic. Photo: Cult of Mac. Before you do anything else, mouse up to your Mac menu bar and click on Help.You’ll see a search box. How to Use Auto Keyboard The Auto Keyboard Software has got a single screen as displayed above. Note that the Auto Keyboard will simulate key press events on the application which has focus. Auto Clicker With Hotkey How To Automate Keyboard. The Video Tutorial displays how to automate keyboard pressing with MurGee Auto Keyboard Utility.

Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Tiger and other Mac OS X users can try out this Mac Keyboard Automation software for free. Just download the software, install it. Download Auto clicker 2020 Updated for free to automate your mouse clicks while playing games. provides official exclusive software for Windows. IMouseTrick is free and functions for Mac. Just a basic auto-clicker. Can set number of clicks and intervals of clicks (since some games can't accept clicks with under 50ms between clicks) 1. It does not have a keybind.

When using Auto Clicker, there are 3 ways in which you can start / stop Automatic Mouse Clicking. This post talks in detail about each method so that you can select the best method as per your convenience. Screenshots are provided below for easy understanding so that you can learn the method to start / stop mouse clicking even without reading this post.

  1. Use a Keyboard Shortcut to Start / Stop Mouse Clicking. This method to control Mouse Clicking is really easy to setup and use.
  2. Use a Mouse Shortcut to Start / Stop Mouse Clicking. When you physically press a Mouse Button, the Automatic Clicking can be started and stopped as configured.
  3. Press Start / Stop Button on the Software to Start and Stop Automatic Mouse Clicking. In case your Software is configured to Click at current Cursor Location, Moving the Mouse Cursor (while Automatic Mouse Clicking is enabled) on the Stop button would stop the automated Mouse Clicking.

Auto Key Presser for Mac. Now you can press a single Keystroke Multiple times with configurable speed using Auto Key Presser for Mac. The Software titled Auto Keyboard by offers configurable Shortcut Key, Configurable Time Delay and option to send Keystrokes to Active Window or to a Specific Window. Hey r/incrementalgames friends! I wanted to share a game that I have been working on: A-Mazing Idle! This is the first game that I've developed before, so it still has a lot of rough edges, balancing fixes, and all that - but I'm still very proud of what I have so far!

Apart from methods outlined above to Stop Automated Mouse Clicking, the Automated Mouse Clicking Stops Automatically when configured number of Mouse Clicks have been simulated. However if you have configured the Auto Clicker to keep on Clicking infinite number of times, you would need to stop the Mouse Clicking with any of the methods outlined here. As per default configuration, the cursor changes to a red cursor when Automated Mouse Clicking is being performed.

Keyboard Shortcut to Start / Stop Automated Mouse Clicking

Using a keyboard Shortcut is easy way to start / stop automatic Mouse Clicking. The given below screenshot provides the steps required to configure a Keyboard Shortcut to control Automated Mouse Clicking. The Software remembers the Keyboard Shortcut configured here so that you do not have to re-define the Keyboard Shortcut when you launch the Auto Clicker at a later date / time.

Auto Clicker With Hotkey Mac

Keyboard Shortcut to Start or Stop Mouse Clicking

As displayed in the above Screenshot, a keyboard Shortcut F6 has been configured to Start / Stop Mouse Clicking. When you have got a Keyboard Shortcut configured as displayed in the screenshot above, you can press the keyboard shortcut to Start Automatic Mouse Clicking. Note in the above Screenshot that number of Clicks have been configured as 10. Effectively when you press the Keyboard Shortcut to Start Clicking, the Software will Click 10 times and will stop automatically. Yes you can press the Keyboard Shortcut during Automated Mouse Clicking to Stop or Abort Automated Mouse Clicking.

Mouse Shortcut to Start / Stop Automated Mouse Clicking

Auto Clicker For Mac Right Click

Using a Mouse Shortcut to Start or Stop Automatic Mouse Clicking allows you fast access to start / stop automatic Mouse Clicking. In the Screenshot below, a 3 button Mouse is connected to a Windows 10 Computer and hence you can see 3 Mouse Shortcuts available to Start / Stop Automated Mouse Clicking.

Mouse Shortcut to Start or Stop Automated Mouse Clicking

In the above Screenshot, Middle Mouse Button has been configured to Start / Stop Automated Mouse Clicking. The Type of Mouse Clicks to Simulate has been selected as left Click. Effectively with above settings, whenever you press Middle Mouse Button, the Auto Clicker will simulate 10 Left Clicks and will stop Mouse Automation Automatically. In case you have a 5 button Mouse, you will be able to select any of the 5 Mouse Buttons to Start / Stop Automatic Mouse Clicking.

Use Start / Stop Buttons to Start / Stop Mouse Clicking

The Start and Stop buttons in the Software allows you to Start / Stop Automatic Mouse Clicking done by this Mouse Automation Utility. Whenever Automated Mouse Clicking is stopped, the Start button gets enabled and whenever automated Mouse Clicking is being done, the Stop button gets enabled.

Start or Stop Mouse Clicking with Buttons on the Software

The above Screenshot displays change in the state of Start / Stop Buttons on the Software. Note that during Automated Mouse Clicking, Icon of Auto Clicker changes and the number of Clicks done by the software is also displayed in the main screen of the software.


Do explore other software settings to find out the best way to Automate Mouse Clicking as per your requirements. In order to find out what all features are offered by the software, carefully examine and read the text associated with every control. There are tutorials available for the software which outline the procedure to use each and every feature of the software. Lots of functionality is hidden in the Right Click Menu of the Software to provide simple interface of the software. When using Auto Clicker for Gaming purpose, you can utilize various advanced features to assist you in Gameplay. Yes Automated Mouse Clicking can be done in Online Games, Desktop Games, Multi Player Games, Browser based Games and you do get complete control of Automatic Mouse Clicking.

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Mac has a auto-click feature: when the pointer stops moving, it automatically does a click.

Apple calls this feature “dwell”.

This saves you lots clicks.And is also extremely useful as a way to switch windows.

If you have hand pain due to mouse or keyboard, turn this on.

If you use Apple's touchpad, then you may not need this, because touch click is easy on the fingers.


I started to use this in 2017-09. It takes a week to get used to. You have to learn to park the pointer at an inactive area (such as at empty place of the menu at top of screen). But once used to, it's wonderful. I never have to mouse click.

Turn on Dwell

  • Go to the menu 〖Apple ▸ System Preferences…〗
  • Click “Accessibility”
  • Click “Keyboard”.
  • Click tab “Accessibility Keyboard”.
  • Click checkbox “Enable Accessibility Keyboard”.
  • Click button “Dewell Options …” to control preference.

Free Auto Clicker For Mac With Hotkey

Stop the Keyboard Panel from Popping Up

Each time the mouse moves, a huge keyboard panel pops up.

To stop that, click on the button “Panel Editor”, and create a new panel “Empty”.

You can also use “Panel Editor” to create a small panel, just 2 buttons in it, “click” and “pause”. Make them small.

Also, make the panel not disappear.Uncheckbox the “fade panel after inactivity” in the keyboard preference.

Stop Dwell Temporarily

To stop auto-click temporarily, use the menu at upper right.

Or, setup a “hot corner” on the screen, so that you can move mouse there to stop the auto click.

macOS Sierra, v 10.12.6

In earlier macOS version, the dwell setup is slightly different.

  1. Go to the menu 〖Apple ▸ System Preferences…〗
  2. click Accessibility
  3. click Dwell Control.

Mac Auto Clicker With Hotkey

I recommend setting the “Dewell movement tolerance” to 0.When it's not 0, small pointer movement will be ignored.

You can experiment by setting it to 0 or 50.You'll see the difference.

With Trackball

The auto-click feature is especially great when using a trackball or trackpad.

seeBest Trackballs, Xah Pick

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