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This is an easy and basic tutorial (with cheat editor) for customizing (how to) any item (mostly weapon/shield/grenade etc) in Borderlands 3, in less than 5 minutes.

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There’s a way to get infinite ammo in Borderlands 3. Technically, it isn’t a cheat but a weapon – the Extreme Hangin’ Chadd, which you get as a reward for completing the Swamp Bro side. Borderlands 3 Profile Editor. A slightly wonky program created so that way you! Can edit your profile.sav file for Borderlands 3. Download the exe available at Releases; Run the exe; Click Open and select your profile.sav. Edit your profile to your hearts content; Whenever you're done editing, click Save to save your profile.

How to Customize Items?

Before You Start

  • Always make a backup of your game save files.
  • Skip this guide if you’re supposed to simply change weapon damage or something strange.
  • Please DO NOT join a multi-player game with any modified gears, which devastates balance and game experience.

Download for Customization

  • Cheat Engine Installed (v6.8 or higher): []
  • Borderlands 3 Cheat Engine Table: []
  • Borderlands 3.dll: []
  • Memory editor: []

If the Cheat Engine you downloaded is not working, you might use the elder version. With all these files ready, let’s go ahead.

Set up the Tools

Actually the entire steps for modifying a gear are pretty easy, but I am going to make all the steps clear as possible as I can. A video tutorial for this guide will also be uploaded later.

  • First, run Borderlands 3 and enter a game. DO NOT remain in the main menu that does not work.
  • Run the Cheat Engine Table-Select a process to open-Choose Borderlands 3-Open.
  • Memory View-Tools-Inject DLL
  • Navigate to the Borderlands3.dll file and inject it.
  • Click on the Tooltip Pointer(once it activates successfully it will extend the sub-functions)


With all the above done, we can now start to customize anitem. In this tutorial, I will take a weapon for example.

Go back to the game, open your inventory and move your mouse pointer to an item that you want to modify. (*Make sure you choose a specific item, otherwise, the Cheat Engine won’t pup up the number.)

Borderlands 3 weapon editor ps4 walkthrough

Turn to Cheat Engine, this time you will see a value pups upin the Base Address Raw. Double clip it and copy the value.

Run BL3Memory edit, paste the value you copied and click go.The details of your item will appear below.

Current Item Components indicate all the parts of the itemyou choose, available components show all parts you can use to customize theitem.

Let’s do this now. The item I want to modify is a MALIWANsmg I looted today. As you can see It provides Corrosive/Electric Elementaleffect and costs 2 ammo per shot, reduce 32% DMG with a 3.0x scope.

Here I want to REPLACE the part that provides -32%DMG(negative effect) , REPLACE the scope, ALTER its element effect and a newmagzine size.

There are tons of parts that make up a weapon and each part is granted with a specific name, therefore, please navigate item parts/stats[]here to see the part you are going to replace with.(This file can be found in the Discord – Borderlands 3 Modding[]

Since my weapon is a MALIWAN smg so I navigate to the SM_MALsection. If you have no idea what catagory your item belongs to, check out thememory edit.

From the item parts doc, you can decide what you want to modify and select them from the memory editor. Here, I will simply write down the parts I am going to modify mentioned above, for more information please check out the next section.

I would like to remove the part that provides -32% DMG, so,I need to change the Barrel (-20%) and the Magzine(-10%) with the parts withboth provide +10% DMG.

Select the barrel_01_A and C from the current component column and click delete. Add barrel_02_A and B from the available component column.

Borderlands 2 Gun Creator

Other parts take the same step as above, all the parts youadded will be listed at the end. As you can see I replace the new mag 24R+10%DMG, a new scope +5%, change the primary element to FIRE.

Once you confirm all the parts are added, it’s time to writethem to the memory to take effect.

Click write to memory and it will pup up a small window. DONOT click Yes immediately but do exactly what it says.

Back to your game, press Esc and if upate game promotes,click No. (I never come across this so far)

Click Exit the game, and press NO.

Now back to the memory editor, click Yes. If everything isdone correctly, a window says Complete pups up.

This time go to your game and exit it to the main menu.

Borderlands 3 Weapon Editor Ps4 Edition

So far so good we’re done here. Continue to your game and check out what happened. The smg changed physically and functionally.

Weapon Part

This section is introducing the basic contents of a weapon concerning to customization.

A weapon mainly consists of:

Borderlands 3 Weapon Editor Ps4
  • Body – No replaceable
  • Barrel – contains A B C 3 different parts – mainly for damage and accuracy
  • Foregrip – mainly for accuracy, damage and recoil
  • Grip – mainly for accuracy, damage and recoil.
  • Scope – mainly for aiming style and accuracy
  • Stock – mainly for recoil and accuracy
  • Trigger – mainly for fire rate
  • Mag – mainly for magazine size and damage
  • Element – elemental effect (if the weapon applies)

Most of the time, the Body cannot be removed and there is noreplaceable one. If you remove it, it might misfunction. You can check out thedetails of each part in your inventory and see how it works.

By doing this, you can decide how to customize it and it’srecommended to keep the part counts same as before. Adding too much parts mightcrash the game. So far I modded over 10 items and no crash occurs.

This also applies to grenade, shield and other gears. Any as I mentioned before, don’t play it in a multiplayer game. It’s for testing only.

by Shun

Borderlands 3 Weapon Editor Ps4 Download

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