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First, go to Run → Run Configurations (you can also follow along with the Gif above, it shows a different way to get to the same screen). Right click on `Connect IQ App` and click “New”. The Forerunner 45 for example is compatible with Connect IQ, but will only let you download watch faces. Right now, the Connect IQ compatible list includes: Fenix 6 series ( all models). By tapping into the male market, Supercuts has taken the value salon sector by storm. It is the strongest hair salon brand in its category in the United States.Supercuts offers a contemporary and comfortable atmosphere and appeals to men in.

Connect Iq Garmin

Transcript: Jessica Weisenbach Sellers, MEd


Listen as Jessica Weisenbach Sellers describes how she communicates CBM reading scores to parents during an IEP meeting (time: 0:32).

Smart Watch Face Apps


Best Connect Iq Watch Faces

Parents typically want to know three things when they enter an IEP meeting for their child. They want to know from me how their child is progressing compared to their past performance, how their child is progressing compared to their peers, and which goals the child is expected to meet by the end of the year. Communicating a child’s progress in this way, using the CBM data, keeps my presentation organized. It also shows parents their child’s progress is very important to me as a teacher and the other professionals that work at the school. They can see how much their child’s improvement and progress really matter.

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