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Edius 8.53 Serial Number

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Activating the License

Activation of the serial number and EDIUS ID is required to use EDIUS. EDIUS ID cannot be started if the serial number or EDIUS is not activated.

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  • Online environment is required for activation of the serial number or EDIUS ID.

1) Double-click the EDIUS icon on the desktop.

  • The entry screen for the serial number is displayed only when EDIUS is started for the first time.

2) Activate the serial number.

  • Activate the serial number according to the on-screen instructions.

  • The entry screen of EDIUS ID is displayed when the serial number is correctly activated.

  • Enter 6-digit character string in the left field and 16-digit character string in the right field for serial number.

  • Please note that the serial number cannot be reissued. Keep the number securely.

  • The serial number can also be registered with following operation.

    • In EDIUS, click [Help] → [Serial number registration].

    • Start GV LicenseManager, and click [Online activation].

SerialEdius 8.53 serial number download


  • The screen to enter the serial number of the previous version of EDIUS may display during the installation of the upgrade version. If necessary, enter the serial number of EDIUS you have.

3) Activate EDIUS ID.

Edius 9 Serial Key

  • Active EDIUS ID according to the on-screen instruction.

    Once EDIUS ID is correctly activated, the possessed serial number and EDIUS ID are linked, and EDIUS is started.

  • If EDIUS ID is not registered, click [Create EDIUS ID] to register EDIUS ID.

  • Enter the e-mail address entered during the EDIUS ID registration in the [E-mail] field.

  • Enter the password entered during the EDIUS ID registration in the [Password] field.

  • For details on EDIUS ID, see the EDIUS ID .

  • All the serial number information for the EDIUS ID target products registered to the PC are linked to EDIUS ID.


Edius 8.53 Serial Number Download

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