How To Save An Image As A Jpeg On Mac

WebP images can protect your image files and even save some of the storage space on your Mac, but not all browsers and websites support this image extension. Using the above solutions, you can quickly convert WebP images to JPG on your Mac. I use Chrome’s Save Images As You Want extension for quickly saving WebP images as JPG. This article will explain how to convert a Microsoft Word document to high resolution print-quality.JPEG/.jpg images from a Mac computer. This is useful if you are required to submit your multi-page Word document to a vendor as.JPEG images. Choose where you want to save the file, and give it a name. From the “Format” dropdown menu, select the type of image file you want it saved as. The options are HEIC, JPEG, JPEG-2000, OpenEXR, PDF, & TIFF. Click “Save.” Just as in Microsoft Word, you’ll notice that the image will be the size/resolution of how it appears in the document. Jul 08, 2019 Dragging is the quickest and simplest way to save an image on a Mac, but it offers less control than right clicking, as you can't name the file. Left click and hold on the image to be saved.

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It is essential to know how to save a PDF file into an image file in many cases. For example, if your eBook reader does not support PDF format, you can convert PDF to image files for reading. When you need to insert a PDF file into a webpage, you'd better save PDF as image. When you want to include pages from the PDF in a presentation, as a Mac owner you can also choose different methods to convert the PDF file to images.

Solution 1. Convert PDF to Image Mac with Preview

Apple makes it easy to convert PDF documents to JPEG files with Mac built-in Preview application. Below is the detailed guide:


1. Locate the PDF files you want to convert to JPG and open them in Preview.
2. Go to the File menu and choose the 'Print' option.
3. Click the 'PDF' drop-down menu and select 'Save PDF to iPhoto'. Then, each page of the PDF files will be automatically saved as JPEG image format by the Preview.
After that, you can launch Finder, open iPhoto and view the converted images. You are allowed to rename these images as you want.

Solution 2. Use Professional Mac PDF to image Converter

Preview only allows you to convert PDF files to image. If you want to convert to other image formats, you can draw support from Coolmuster PDF Converter Pro for Mac, which is professional in converting PDF files to images (.jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .png, .tiff, .gif, etc.), while preserve the original text contents, layouts, formatting, hyperlinks, images, etc. in the output image files without any quality losing. Batch conversion is supported that you can convert up to 200 PDF files at once.

How Do You Save An Image As A Jpeg On A Mac

Step 1. Free Download Coolmsuter Program for Mac

How To Save An Image In Word As A Jpeg On Mac

Click the below button to download the Mac program. If you are a Windows user, click PDF Converter Pro to perform the conversion on PC.

Step 2. Import PDF Files

Launch the converter, click the Add Files button to upload the PDF files you want to convert. Choose 'PDF to Image' conversion type and select your wanted image format. Select an output location for saving the converted images by clicking the Browse button.

Step 3. Start to convert PDF to Image Mac

Select specific PDF page ranges to convert if needed. Then, you should click the Convert button on the right bottom corner to begin conversion.

Bingo! You have successfully converted the PDF files into images. You can find the converted image files directly by clicking the Open button. It is very easy to accomplish the conversion goal, isn't it? Just get the Coolmuster PDF Converter Pro for Mac to convert PDF files to images now!

Preview User Guide

Preview can convert image files to many file types including JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, PNG, PSD, TIFF, and others. This can be useful if you share files with people who use other kinds of computers or if you want to open files in apps that don’t read all file types.

  1. In the Preview app on your Mac, open the file, then choose File > Export.

  2. Click the Format pop-up menu, then choose a file type.

    If you don’t see the file type you want, press and hold the Option key and click the Format pop-up menu to see specialized or older formats.

    Depending on the file format you choose, additional options may appear. If you choose JPEG or JPEG 2000, you can adjust the image’s quality. If you choose PDF, you can choose a Quartz filter to apply to the image, and you can encrypt the image so that only those with the password can view it.

  3. Type a new name, or choose a new location for saving the converted file, then click Save.

Tip: To convert more than one image file at a time, open the files in one window, select them in that window’s sidebar, then follow the steps above.

How To Save Photo As Jpeg On Macbook Air

When you open a PostScript (PS) or EPS document, Preview automatically converts it to a PDF as it’s opened.

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