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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. User account menu. I need an Auto Key Presser for Mac. Posted by 2 years ago. I need an Auto Key Presser for Mac. I need one, but not a auto typer. Download Auto Mouse Click for Mac and create Automatic Text Typing Script on your Mac. The Text Typing Script can also have other Text Typing Keystrokes like Tab Key, Enter Key, Shift + Tab, etc. You can even repeat Automated Text Typing with Repeat Count or even repeat the whole Script Repeat Count which can encompass multiple Keyboard Actions.

Press and Release a single Keyboard Key Multiple Times with a single Keyboard Shortcut. Use Auto Key Presser in Full Screen Multi Player Games, Online Games and other Applications. Download Auto Key Presser Software on your Windows Computer and try it for Free. Yes you can use this Keyboard Key Pressing Software on Desktop or Laptops running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.

The Speed of pressing and releasing Keyboard Key is controllable by controlling time delay. To Start / Stop Automatic Key Pressing, you can configure a Keyboard Shortcut Key easily. Rest of this Website offers Screenshots, Video Tutorials and Step by Step procedure to start using this Keyboard Key pressing Software. Download Auto Key Presser on your Windows Computer for Free and start pressing Keyboard Keys or read on to know more about this Keyboard Key pressing Software.

How to use Auto Key Presser

Follow given below steps to start using the Auto Key Presser. The Key Presser does saves all the settings automatically and hence, when using the software again, the procedure to configure the software will require lesser number of steps.

  1. Download Auto Key Presser and Install it by following the simple and easy to follow steps. During Installation, you would be prompted to decide whether you want to have a Desktop Shortcut created or not. The Auto Key Presser Setup also creates shortcuts to launch the software from the Programs Menu.
  2. Double Click on the Auto Key Presser Desktop Shortcut or launch the Software from Programs Menu. The Auto Key Presser should open up as displayed in the Screenshot.
  3. Select the Keyboard Key which you want the Software to press and release automatically. There are two drop-downs near the Key to Automate label on the software with which you can select individual keys or combination keys like Ctrl + a, Shift + 1, etc.
  4. Now assign a Keyboard Shortcut to Start / Stop Automatic Key Pressing. To assign the Keyboard Shortcut, locate white colored edit box with None written on it, Click on None, press a Keyboard Shortcut (e.g. F6, Ctrl + W, etc) and then Click on the button Save Shortuct Key.
  5. Review or Edit Time Delay between consecutive Key presses. This allows you to control the speed with which the selected Keyboard Key is pressed and released.
  6. Configure the Number of times you want the Keyboard Key should be pressed and released. In case you want the Auto Key Presser to keep on pressing and releasing Keyboard Key infinite times, enter 0 in the Number of Keys to Automate edit control.
  7. Now minimize the Auto Key Presser Software Application or Hide it to Notification Area. Now focus on the Game or Application to which you want to send Automated Keyboard Keys and press the Keyboard Shortcut configured in the Auto Key Presser Software earlier.

Note : When you are sending Keystrokes to a Game or Application launched with Admin Access, you must launch Auto Key Presser with Admin Access. Two different Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts are created by the Setup to allow you to easily launch Auto Key Presser with and without Administrator Access.

Key Presser For Mac Free

Pressing Keyboard key in MMORPG or Direct X Games

In order to send Automated Keyboard Keys to MMORPG or Direct X Games, you can use an in built Key Presser designed specifically for Games. Use this method in case the Auto Key Presser outlined above does not works in your Game. In order to use the Key Presser for Games, you need to download and install some extra files. Yes there is a Video Tutorial and Step by Step procedure available to guide you in getting started with Installation procedure and Usage Guide.

Installation of Key Presser for Games

Given below procedure outlines step by step procedure to install Key Presser for Games. Note that this is a one time procedure and does requires Admin Access to your Windows Computer. Once you have installed the required files, you can move on to the next step and start sending Key Strokes to Multiplayer Games, Full Screen Games using Direct X or any other Application.

Auto keyboard for mac
  1. Right Click on Auto Key Presser and from the Menu, Click on Key Presser for DirectX or Full Screen Applications as displayed in the Screenshot to the right. This will invoke the Key Presser Installer and you would be prompted with UAC Prompt to start the Installer.

  2. From the Installer Screen, you need to confirm that you do have a PS/2 Keyboard. USB Keyboard are not supported currently by this Installer. Also note that if you are running Windows 10, the installer Screen will display the Operating System name as Windows 8.1.

  3. Once you have confirmed that you do have a PS/2 Keyboard and are ready to go ahead, click on Show Me How to Install Additional Component and carefully read the information provided. This Screenshot was captured on a Windows 10 Computer, however the information message detects the Operating System Name as Windows 8.1, however the installation procedure can be carried out without any issues.

  4. Right Click on the Key Presser for Games Installer Screen to view a menu containing Step by Step Procedure and associated help for Installing Additional Components of Key Presser for Games. The Screenshot displays Right Click Menu containing Video Tutorial Link and Associated help required for completing the installation.

  5. Once you have completed the installation procedure, you can start using Key Presser for Games. Yes this Keyboard Key Presser Application works in all Games as Keystrokes sent are sent to the Operating System in the same way as sent by Physical Keyboard.

Note : The Installation Procedure outlined above is required to be done only 1 time. Once you have installed the Additional Components, launching Key Presser for Games will not invoke the Installer for Key Presser.

Auto Key Presser - Features

All the features offered by the Auto Key Presser are available either from the Main Screen itself or from the Right Click Menu. Before using Auto Key Presser you can review given below list of features offered by this Keyboard Automation Software. Yes you can even download this Keyboard Key Presser Application for Free and start using it right now.

  • This is a Free to Download and try Auto Key Presser for Windows. Yes both 32 bit and 64 bit Microsoft Operating Systems are supported.
  • The Auto Key Presser allows you to press and release a single Keyboard Key Multiple times. The Time Delay between consecutive Automated Keystrokes can be assigned a Fixed or Random Duration.
  • You can launch Single or Multiple Instances of Auto Key Presser. When running Multiple instances of Auto Key Presser, each instance of Auto Key Presser adds an icon to Notification Tray. You can Double Click on the appropriate Notification Icon of Auto Key Presser to view and configure Keyboard Key Automation parameters.
  • The Key Presser for Games works in almost all the Games including Multi Player Games running in Full Screen or Window Mode. The Keystrokes sent by this Keyboard Automation Utility are sent to the Operating System and then the Operating System send the Keystrokes to the Active Game.
  • You can even send Automated Keystrokes with this Auto Key Presser to Application Windows without bringing them in front. The Target... button on the main screen of the software allows you to select an Active Window to which Automated Keystrokes must be sent. When Sending Automated Keystrokes to a specific Window, the Keyboard Automation Method is different as compared Keyboard Key Simulation.
  • By controlling the time delay you can have Fast Key Presser, Slow Key Presser or even an Auto Key Presser with Random Time Intervals.

For more Keyboard and Mouse Automation Applications, do visit or write to [email protected] to get Assistance for software selection. For sending Automated Mouse Clicks to Active Application, you can use Auto Clicker or use Auto Mouse Click to Automate Mouse Clicking, Keystrokes, Text Typing and much more.

Auto Keyboard Clicker For Mac

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Unobtrusive status bar menu application for Mac OS X that enables you to use different keyboard input languages for specific utilities.

What's new in AutoKeyboard 1.2:

  • Add Finder App into the App list
  • Fix the Change Source Input button hidden bug in the Mac OS 10.8
Read the full changelog

If you are using your Mac to write text in more than one language, switching between different keyboard layouts is a quite tedious repetitive task, especially if you need to switch back and forth applications.

AutoKeyboard is a simple Mac app that can fix this problem by automatically changing the keyboard layout whenever you switch to an utility that is supposed to use a certain language.

Easy to setup keyboard layout changer that works in the background

AutoKeyboard resides in the status bar and requires your attention only when you have to make the initial settings. The app automatically detects all the app installed on your Mac and allows you to specify the keyboard layout that should be used in each case.


When you are done, simply activate the “Open at Login” function from the bottom area of the Settings window, and you will not have to deal with the app ever again: the changes are performed in the background, and you get to become more productive.

Key Presser For Mac FreeKey

Simple but highly efficient keyboard layout changer that allows you to work using multiple languages

AutoKeyboard is a great tool to have around whenever you need to input text in different languages, perform translations, and so on. Keep in mind though that AutoKeyboard only switches between the available keyboard layouts: you must install the layouts for each language separately before being able to actually use the app.

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Auto Key Presser For Mac Free

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AutoKeyboard 1.2

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