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I find Diego Fallas' Juve Kits from Fifa 19 to be quite good, so I simply added normals and coeffs to them and created an fbmod with a minikit. I haven't even downloaded RDBM, so I cannot provide a teamkits table just yet.

  1. League: International. This is one for the ice-cold finishers out there.
  2. Missing 3rd Kits in FIFA 20. We can't make promises for which kits will or won't be added in future updates. It could come down to licences which many of these things usually do. It may just be that they haven't been put in yet.

Having looked through every kit in the game these are the best kits FIFA 20 in our opinion. We look for kits which actually stand out on the pitch and good to look at. Lot of kits look good until you actually use them in game. Obviously there are others we could have featured in our top 10, let us know which kits you love below or on twitter.

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Top 10 kits in FIFA 20

Unfortunately FIFA 20 doesn’t have as many top kits for actual teams. Luckily there are lots of designer kits added to the game by EA as gifts or rewards. The designers create amazing kits as featured in our first two choices below. One of the best kits in FIFA 19 is again available in FIFA 20. Another is the new Ones to Watch kit. Shame more actual football teams don’t have more interesting kits.

Ones to watch kit for buying Ultimate or Champions versions of FIFA 20

TOTW kit from FIFA 19 for players returning from last year

Inter Milan away kit Serie A, is one of the best in FIFA 20. Great to use visually too.

FC Juarez home kit Liga BBVA MX.

Sporting CP away kit Liga NOS.

PSG away kit Ligue 1 Conforma.

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Best kits FIFA 20:

Stevenage Fifa 20 Kit

  • Ones to watch kit is the best in FIFA 20 for us.
  • Inter Milan away kit Serie A, is one of the best in FIFA 20
  • Bohemian away kit SSE Airtricity lge.
  • FC Juarez home kit Liga BBVA MX.
  • Stevenage away kit EFL League 2.
  • St Mirren away kit Scottish Prem.
  • Sporting CP away kit Liga NOS.
  • Real Betis alternate kit LaLiga Santander.
  • UD Almeria away kit LaLiga Smartbank.
  • PSG away kit Ligue 1 Conforma.
  • Leeds United away kit EFL Championship.

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