Mac Streamlabs Desktop Audio

Mac Streamlabs Desktop Audio
Hey guys I've really hit a road block here.
I recently just upgraded to the new Mac mini 2018 (64gb bad ass). I do Audio Production through Logic Pro X and want to stream it for fun.
I'm using a Behringer UMC22 as my interface with an AT2020 Mic for talking (very simple and affordable set up). My Mac obviously recognizes the UMC22 as the main output right away so I don't need to install drivers. Every program (including Logic Pro X) recognizes it as an output/input... EXCEPT FOR OBS.
I've done the Soundflower/iShowU routes with creating Multi-Output Devices and putting the Mic/Aux 1 on my UMC22 and then the Mic/Aux 2 being iShowU (like every video has shown). But still nothing is working!! I'll play music on my computer and talk into the mic and none of the mic/aux slots for OBS show metering but my mic is metering on Logic Pro and I can hear the audio in my headphones.
Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Do I need a new interface? Am I missing a step in the Audio MIDI Setup or creating my Multi-Output? Did Apple make it so you aren't allowed to use it at all?
Here are some other things I'm using that I'm worried may be interfering:
I have a Elgato 60 for my Xbox that I run through the Mac as well (haven't fully set it up yet)
I noticed Soundflower and iShowU show up on my Audio MIDI Setup, maybe theres confusion and I need to uninstall one?
Also I noticed on my Audio MIDI Setup that my UMC22 puts two different channels instead of it being one with 2 ins/2 outs, it's two channels with 0 ins/2 outs and then 2 ins/0 outs.

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Hello Guys!
I'm trying to setup OBS, but when I try to choose setup 'Audio Output Capture', I can't choose a device, it's empty.
The same goes for 'Desktop Audio', it's set on disabled, and I can't change it to my headset or anything else.
When I try to livestream on YouTube on my own channel, and I'm in a party in either Discord or Skype with a friend, my voice is loud and clear in the stream, but his voice is very low. The same goes if I play a random YouTube video, the sound of the video is very low in the stream.
BTW, I'm using MacBook Pro, and my headset is a wireless HyperX Cloud Flight with a USB dongle to connect.
Hope I can get this problem solved!
Mac Streamlabs Desktop Audio

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Helpful, though I find that the computer will only pick up a microphone if the microphone is set to an input source in Mac sound settings though by doing so, I have to remove the multi-input device as the input source. So basically I have to choose between mic commentary and no desktop audio, or desktop audio and no mic commentary. Soundflower is not unavailable. I have enabled iShowU as an input device and an output device but I still can't get an Audio Output Capture option and I cannot enable Desktop Audio in settings. Any suggestions? I'm stuck and hoping to stream tomorrow night! Capturing Desktop Audio in Streamlabs OBS for Mac. With the release of Streamlabs OBS for Mac, a common question is, “Why can’t I capture desktop audio?”. Unlike Windows, macOS does not have any system-level audio routing. This means that individual apps can’t access audio signals from other apps out of the box. Connect to streamlabs 4. Go to the notifications tab and toggle the ones you want to use Note that you also need to have any widget open. Alert box/event list/ chat box/streaml abels/ Streamlabs OBS. Can I use the bot on Linux/Mac? No, the chatbot is Windows only but you can use our Cloudbot if you are on Linux or Mac. Such limitation is very inconvenient for Mac users when there are so many important audio playbacks on a Mac computer. For instance, the audio on a video meeting or chatting, the audio from a self-made demo, etc. All in all, to record desktop audio with OBS, you have to insert a third-party audio driver.

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