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If you are absolutely in love with your mobile phone, you would love having a look over the latest from the world of great mobilephone cover templates and mobilephone skin design templates. These skins are absolutely mouth watering to look at, and can make your phone look all the more dazzling if you can take stickered prints and then use on.

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Daqin is an international supplier of mobile phone sticker machines and related materials, which started in 2002. Daqin has been developed extremely powerful software that can design custom phone skins for any model mobile phone in the world. The software is easy to use, everyone can be a master after a few times practicing.

This software is professional on designing custom mobile skins for any model mobile phone. There are more than 5,000 design templates that come with the software. If the customer doesn’t like the designs in the software, upload custom picture is also OK.

There are multiple tools that can help to make a unique mobile phone skin in the software. Such as adding diamond, adding text, adding mask…etc. The operation is easy and fast. Usually it’s cost 4 minutes to make phone skins for 2 sets of iPhone 6. Including the skins for the 6 sides of the phone, they are the front, back, top, bottom and 4 sides.

Unlike the ordinary online software, this Daqin mobile phone skins software is a stand-alone version, which means no internet connection required. It’s especially suitable for those who want to start their own business of providing the service of making customized mobile skins. You can freely start making custom phone skins with your own brand. Both Online store and physical store will be a good choice.

Next, let’s have a look at the software interface. It can be divided into 7 areas as the picture showed below.

  • Menu Bar:contains various functional menus
  • Operation Area: contains some tools for editing image attributes.
  • Layer Attributes Selection Area: displays abundant mobile phone models and pictures.
  • Design area: here you can preview the design effect and modify the parameters of the layer.
  • Quick save area: here you can save your designs.
  • News section: displays company news (it requires internet connection).
  • Status bar: displays the current status and the keyboard shortcuts.

The registered user of the software will receive a monthly upgrade package by email. The user can upgrade the software easily by a few clicks on the mouse. After upgrade the software, newly released mobile phones in the market will be available for designing mobile phone skins. For the rare or customized mobile phone, the user can draw their templates by the Daqin mobile skins software by themselves and then store for future use.

“Custom case make money more easily, NO Homegerniztion, MORE Premiunustom. “

— DAQIN’s Customer Said

Make it to Unique Phone


This is a simple hero unit, a jumbotron-style component for calling extra attention to some featured content or information.

Making Process

Refused to Customize too Slow
Small working space, Visual graphics software operation interface
Mature operation process: Selection of images, designing, production
At one go with all process, 3 minutes delivery.

300+ material style, 100+ case style

300+ material style, 100+ case style, Has most species, the most professional wholesale mall. Has the most professional custom case material wholesale mall. On an average day there will be a new material and new style to update.

  • Golden Carbon Fiber

  • Black Carbon Fiber

  • Purple Carbon Fiber

  • Red Carbon Fiber

  • Blue Brushed Metal Effect

  • Brownish-Black Strimp Film

  • Dark Gold Super Shining

  • Black Lightning Texture

  • Camouflage Color Shining

  • Black Crocodile Leather

  • Brown Crocodile Leather

  • Black Snake Skin

  • custom own photo case

  • Family case

  • smile case

  • wedding case

Why choose item?

● Huge mobile capacity in the market,customized phone case is 300~500% profit higher than common phone cases.
● Unlimited customization of any pictures for any phone model,such as leather,carbon fiber,shining.. etc.
● More and more mobile phone accessories stores join us,leading the unique customized and high profit market trends.

How to choose the machines?


National patent, advanced technology, focus on 16 years.

With 20+ national patents, the 1st custom mobile phone sticker Design software was born in 2002.
12 years optimizing, Worthy of Trust

Design software

Daqin mobile phone case design software was developed on 2002, which is a professional software for custom mobile case design, edit, print and cut. More than 10 years of technical accumulation and version iteration, now it’s the most powerful, accurate, stable software of custom mobile case.

Did you know the software free update?
Free cutter software

16 years of technical design iteration, numerous times of version update. More stable software and better service.

3,000+ Cutting Template

Each template has been tested by real mobile phone for many times,ensure perfectly fit every mobile phone and mobile case. Include templates for mobile case,iPad,tablet,laptop,gaming…etc.

5,000+ Image

Include bitmaps and vector graphics. 9 categories of image: abstraction,originality,animal,scenery,carton,comics,food,person,texture. Easily input picture, crop and edit.

Create/edit templates

Powerful tools for create and edit template, easily edit and modify cut templates, add text, picture, logo…etc. Easy DIY.

Plotter Cutter software, free download

Effect diagram preview

Respectively,there are design view, cut view and composite view. Display final preview intuitively. Express customer idea accurately.

Free update

Currently for genuine software software users, monthly updates to add new template. All templates are encrypted.

Count management

Record date, time and models of print and cut. Count the most popular product.

Mobile Skin Cutter software, free download Windows 10

Patents and copyrights

With design copyright and software copyright, no risk to use. Fight against pirated software and imitation software.

Knowledgebase centre

Including 300+ customer questions, 100+Training videos, and you can add the tickets.

Custom mobile case institute

Has the world’s first focus on custom mobile case institute, more than 20 technical personnel service support.

Regional community

There are 10+ regions worldwide customer community, covering more than 130 countries around the world, more than 400+ cities, share together, market, creativity, know to do same business with people around the world.
Mobile Skin Cutter software, free download
Custom Mobile Case Solution
  • --Required Equipment--
  • Daqin mobile beauty master Ver.3D
  • A4 size cutting machine-A158
  • Above total:$2880
  • --Other Optional --
  • Printer & Laminator (Can buy in your local)
  • --Required Raw Materials-A4--
  • Printing & Lamination film
  • Texture skins
  • Customized phone case
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Custom Mobile & Laptop Case Solution
  • --Required Equipment--
  • Daqin mobile beauty master Ver.3D
  • Daqin laptop beauty master Ver.3D
  • A3 size cutting machine-A168
  • Above total:$4280
  • --Other Optional --
  • Printer & Laminator (Can buy in your local)
  • --Required Raw Materials-A3--
  • Printing & Lamination film
  • Texture skins
  • Customized phone case
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Mass Custom Mobile & Laptop Case Solution
  • --Required Equipment--
  • Daqin mobile beauty master Ver.3D
  • Daqin laptop beauty master Ver.3D
  • Graphtec CE6000-40
  • Above total:$5050
  • --Other Optional --
  • Printer & Laminator (Can buy in your local)
  • --Required Raw Materials-A3--
  • Printing & Lamination film
  • Texture skins
  • Customized phone case
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Which plan is better for me?

All plan includes design software,machines and raw materials to start your business.
raw materials can be used 1 ~3 months.
According to different business scale and budget,suggestion as below:

1.Basic plan-mainly used for customized mobile phone skin & case.
2.Medium Plan-Not only mobile ,also can do custom skin & case for tablets,gaming, laptops and other electoric device.
3.Medium Plan-Not only mobile ,also can do custom skin & case for tablets,gaming, laptops and other electoric device,and bigger professional cutting machine for mass production.

How about the shipping?

All goods are in stock,can ship to you within 2 days once get payment ,so you can send bank slip to us once you make payment,we will start to prepare goods for you once get bank slip,then can ship to you once get payment by DHL or Fedex,fast very much,only need about 3 days from us to you.
Tracking number will given to you once shipped.


What is the material cost ?

If you make skins by customized photo ,need use printing film and lamination film ,because printer is inkjet printer ,so need laminate by lamination film so that the skins can waterproof and fade-proof, one piece printing film work with one piece lamination film ,so cost of one sticker is from USD 0.2 to 1.5.
And we supply many materials no need print,just need cut by our software and machine ,such as shinning ,wood ,carbon fiber ,snake leather and so on.

Do you have demo for software ?

There is one soft dog for one software ,software will not open without soft dog ,so no have the demo version.

Mobile Skin Cutting software, free download

What is the guarantee ?

Us Cutter software, free download

Software is free to update forever ,and also will add newest models into software every month ,all free for you forever .

Mobile Skin Cutter software, free download Torrent

Machine guarantee is one year ,but our machine all professional ,will not broken easy ,such as cutter ,only need change knife head ,Price for knife head is USD 3.9 ,One knife head can use about 2-6 months .

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