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OPEN: To open Finder using the Terminal, you will have to type this command. And press the Return key and a Finder window will open up. 3: Show Hidden Files with Terminal: If you want to view hidden files and folder in the macOS, you'll have to use the show hidden files Mac terminal command. Write the command as. To open any file from the command line with the default application, just type open followed by the filename/path. Example: open /Desktop/filename.mp4 Edit: as per Johnny Drama's comment below, if you want to be able to open files in a certain application, put -a followed by the application's name in quotes between open and the file. How do I open a file in Safari? Tap on the “Share” button from the bottom-left corner. Press the “Search” icon next to the filename in the Downloads section to open the file. How do I run a html file on a Mac? Open TextEdit for me. In the TextEdit app on your Mac, choose File New, then choose Format Make Plain Text. Enter the HTML code.

To compete with Adobe's PDF format, Microsoft created the XPS format (XML Paper Specification), which is used to share documents online as a write-protected medium. Although Mac users can directly open PDF file by using Apple's Preview, XPS file is not supported. How to open XPS file on Mac? There are 3 methods to do that, using Google Service, XPS viewer for Mac or FireFox browser. This article will share these 3 methods for Mac users.

Pick up your Mac and open up your Mac App Store, then search for 'Microsoft Remote Desktop'. Download and install it. Step 4: Open Add Your PC to Remote Desktop. Open up Remote Desktop on your Mac. Click on 'Add Desktop'. A dialogue box will pop up. Type in the PC Name you jotted down; if it doesn't work, type in the IP address. This contains the text 'It works!' Referred to in the post. What I did was duplicate that file in the same folder and changed the duplicate's name to 'index.html', leaving the original in situ. Both local and user sites then loaded. After which, I was able to delete the duplicated file and everything now works without issue.

Method 1: Open XPS file on Mac with Best XPS Viewer for Mac.

There are several XPS reader for Windows on the market, but application which can open XPS file on Mac is not that many. Opening XPS file needs a third-party Mac XPS viewer, here according to affordability, features, performance and simplicity to use, we pick Cisdem Document Reader as the best XPS viewer for Mac users.

Cisdem Document Reader is a powerful XPS viewer Mac which allows users to batch open XPS files on their Mac, and other formats are also included, such as WPD, WPS, OXPS,VISIO, DjVu, PDF. Surely, the function of Cisdem Document Reader is far more than that.

  • You can view multiple files at the same time within the program;
  • You can print documents directly within the program;
  • You are also allowed to convert and export files to PDF, Text, RTFD, Image, etc. for easy editing and file sharing;
  • Even you can extract images from the files directly and save all these images in a folder;
  • Still, you can search words in documents for quick navigation
  • Price:$6.99+

How to use this XPS viewer Mac to open XPS files? Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Free Download Cisdem Document Reader and launch it on your Mac.

Cisdem Document Reader is not an online XPS viewer Mac, so you need to download it and launch it on your Mac. Just click the “Free Download” button below, Cisdem Document Reader will start to download. What you should do is launching it on your Mac after the download.

Step 2. Open and view XPS file on mac.

Start Cisdem Document Reader and open XPS file on Mac with this brilliant program, or you can choose Cisdem Document Reader when you open XPS file directly. Then you can view the content of your XPS file on mac.

Step 3. Print your XPS file or convert XPS file to PDF on mac.

If it is necessary, you can print your XPS file with Cisdem Document Reader on the condition that you connected printer to your Mac. What’s more, Cisdem Document Reader can make XPS file editable on Mac by converting your XPS file to PDF, or other supported formats on mac. Click the button “Save as PDF”, this step will be finished easily.

View Html File Mac Terminal

Useful Tips:

1. There is a search bar on the top right corner, if you input your keywords, such as 'Click', and enter, you will find all word, character or phrase anywhere within the shortest time.

2. The toolbar of Cisdem Document Reader allows users to do some operations on XPS files, including zoom, move, text, rotate, etc. Another highlight of it is its customizable toolbar. Users can customize particular toolbars according their requirement when viewing XPS file on mac.

Other Recommended XPS Viewer for Mac

If you want more options to choose the one fits your needs and preferences, you can refer to following 2 XPS viewer for mac:

#1 Pagemark XpsViewer for Mac ($34.99)

It is a XPS viewer for Mac to open XPS files on mac, though you are only allowed to view XPS with this viewer, it supports to convert XPS to PDF, TIF, JPG AND PNG format with high quality.

#2 XPSReader ($14.99)

Another XPS Reader for Mac to open XPS files only on mac. It also supports bookmarking, different page modes, printing and extracting images from XPS files.

Method 2: Open XPS file on Mac in Google Drive

As you may have searched the solutions to open XPS file on Mac in Google, many Mac users in Apple Discussion mentioned about utilizing Google service as following:

I found a suggestion on search that suggested opening the .XPS file in a google email account and opening it with 'viewer' instead of downloading it. Once in viewer, click the print document icon in the upper window tool bar and it can be downloaded as a PDF file to your Mac at that point. It worked for me but I was only opening a 4 page file.---sunt622

Yes, we can open XPS files on Mac with Google. And, in addition to this solution with Google Email account, there are 2 other ways to open XPS file on Mac with Google.

  • Login in your Google Account.
  • Go to Google Drive>New>File Upload to import your XPS file into Google Drive for viewing.
  • Right Click on the XPS file once it appears in your Google Drive, choose Preview to open XPS file on mac. Or you can choose to open with Document Viewer for Google Drive, wait a moment, and the XPS will be opened on mac.
Open Html File On Mac

It is free to open XPS files on Mac with Google Drive, but it will take some time to upload and open the XPS file. If you need to open XPS files on Mac very often, go to a XPS Viewer for Mac listed in Method 1.

Method 3: Open XPS File in Firefox XPS Viewer on Mac

If you are running browsers like Mozilla Firefox, there are 2 ways to open XPS file on Mac using its built-in XPS viewer.

#1, Open Firefox and Directly Drag&Drop the XPS files into Firefox.

#2, Right Click on the XPS file> Open With>Other>Choose FireFox in Applications(See Following)>Open

However, according to FireFox users, you will probably run into some problems when opeing XPS file on Mac with FireFox.

FireFox pops up the 'You have chosen to open' window, and offers to either 'Open with 'XPSViewer.Document (default),' or 'Save to Disk.' If I have it open with 'XPSViewer.Document (default),' FireFox will open a new tab, then open another 'You have chosen to open' window. If I have it open with XPSViewer. Document (default),' another tab opens.

Open Html File In Browser

So, use an offline professional XPS viewer for mac would be better in this case.

Open Html File In Safari Mac

Mac users have this magic convenience of typing open index.html into their terminal to open a file from their current directory in the browser. Those of us on WSL aren't so lucky. If you're lucky, the open command will open a windows directory. Cool, I guess? But not exactly super helpful. The internet abounds with recommendations --- from trying xdg-open, configuring your www-browser defaults, and setting your PATH environments to some even more convoluted methods. But the question remains: what's the easiest way to open an HTML file in the browser from WSL?

The closest thing I've found is to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux's explorer.exe command. Assuming you've set your browser environment variable in bash, then typing something lile explorer.exe index.html should open the file index.html in your default browser. If that works, congrags! That's the simplest version of Mac's open command. Well, sort of...

Typing explorer.exe is still a little bit of a handful, and I'm lazy. I mean open is four characters, and explorer.exe is twelve. That's three times as many characters. No thanks!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could do something simpler? How about see index.html? Fortunately, we can leverage the ability to create aliases in bash to make this dream a reality. Just drop the following three lines directly into your terminal:

You're done! No need to play around in your config files. 🙌 Next time you need to open that index.html file, all you need to do is type see index.html and watch the magic happen. And it's one fewer character than those Mac folks. Just imagine what you could do with that kind of time savings...

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