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These FIFA 20 Pro Clubs tips will help you build top players. Create a superstar player in FIFA 20’s Pro Clubs and shine in your chosen position. If you want to make an impact in FIFA 20’s Pro. FIFA 20 mods are exclusive to PC, and open up myriad options for refreshing your game. While using them online will get you banned from FIFA 20, there's plenty of scope for deploying these tweaks. For FIFA 20, we are introducing a new Avatar system that replaces player creation across the entire game - including Pro Clubs. This feature will bring new ways to design your Virtual Pro's visual characteristics via an improved 4 quadrant axis morphing tool which not only allows you to morph and define each facial feature to your liking, but.


FIFA 20 was the year of the Stevenage Challenge. Thanks to Burger King offering gamers rewards for selecting the League Two side's two strips, they became the most used team on Career Mode.

We really hoped that EA would improve FIFA 20 Pro Clubs in a huge way, but this time it is another small ‘package’ of changes, just like the one before in FIFA 18.

“Major” changes coming for FIFA 20 Pro Clubs:

  • new avatar customization system (better face editing, new skin tones)
  • old positions are back (LF/RF, LM/RM, LWB/RWB)
  • height and weight to have a bigger impact on gameplay
  • we can invest lots in stamina/pace , but will have to pass on other things
  • starting player rating is 80
  • 30 new traits including physical specialty (stamina, strenght etc)
  • ‘broadcast’ feel of matches
  • celebrate goals with the whole team, no zooming on one player
  • House Rules Cups that change each week
  • Practice Match vs AI (can choose their rating)
  • removed ‘any’ stamina bug, high players will be in the wall for free kicks, removed GK captain bug, can watch whole trophy celebration
  • 25 new kits and 150 crests to fight the kit clashing
  • pre match kit select for all matches

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Screenshots:

Best Looking Pro Clubs Kits Fifa 20

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