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Jalankan resetter Canon g1000/g2000/g3000 yang telah anda download ST4905. Setelah anda jalankan dan muncul tampilan resetternya, selanjutnya klik menu Main Clean ink counter Set. Kemudian tunggu proses reset printer yang ditandai dengan lampu printer berkedip sampai dengan selesai. I have a Canon S 400 printer that is 11 years old. I tried you advice to reset the code about 4 times and it seemed to work, The repair center wanted $ 25.00 just to reset the codes. Thanks you saved me some money. Can I reset the ink cartriges by WIC Reset Utility? You cant reset ink cartriges by WIC Reset Utility. You have to by CISS or Auto-Reset Chips or reset cartriges by Chip Resetter. We dont provide this products. Q.: If I buy the reset key for the Canon G2000 model will the software only work on one computer? File Name: download-software-resetter-canon-g2000-gratis.exe Version: 2.0.3 Driver Date: 11 March 2018 File Size: 15,916 KB Rating: 4.75/5.

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Howdy teachers and forumers! Previously, we have released our helpful and working tutorial on How to Manually Reset Epson Printers Without Using Any Software. To our surprise, many have also requested for the same tutorial about Canon printers. We don’t want to disappoint our readers that’s why as promised and due to popular demand, here is our tutorial on how to manually reset Canon printers without using any software.


  • You will see a message that says Waste ink pad is full or something like that.

As we have said the last time, this tutorial will literally save you a couple hundred bucks. This type of reset method is also called a hard reset. It has been tried and tested on the following Canon printer models:

  • Canon MX870
  • Canon MG5430
  • Canon Pixma MG6620
  • Canon Pixma MP495
  • Canon MG2440.
  • Canon MX439
  • Canon MX925
  • Canon MP560
  • Canon MG2550
  • Canon iX6820
  • Canon MP150

How to Manually Reset Canon Printers Without Using Any Software

STEP 1: Make sure that your printer is turned on.


STEP 2: Press the power button (this will turn off/switch off your printer)

STEP 3:Once turned off, press on STOP button for two (2) seconds.

STEP 4:While holding on to the STOP button, press the power button at the same time for two (2) seconds and release the STOP button.

STEP 5: After letting go of the STOP button (while you are still pressing the power button), press the STOP button five (5) times.

Resetter Canon G2000 FullCanon g2010 resetter free download

STEP 6: Immediately after pressing the STOP button for five (5) times, release the power button.

That’s it! You’re done! Your Canon printer will now go on reset mode. The LCD screen on printer should go blank. Your printer will start making a couple of noises but it’s normal. Once the printer stopped making noises, just press on the power button. This will turn off or restart your printer.

Resetter Canon G2000 Full

If in case your printer asks for a new driver, just reinstall your Canon printer’s driver.

Resetter Canon G2000 Full Free

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Canon G2000 Resetter Free Download


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