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Check Vehicle History Reports And Vin at: number lookup smith and wesson smith wesson serial number lookup model for a co Smith.

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If you post the first letter and three numbers of the serial number, I can look up the year it was made. Smith & Wesson Model 28-2 Highway Patrolman.357 Mag. The Model 28 from Smith & Wesson is an N-frame revolver chambered in.357 Mag. Popular with police forces, it is a scaled-down version of the model 27, where more expensive features were. D) number of shots/cylinder bores e) type of sights. F) serial number, and if there is a letter in front of or anywhere near the s/n on the bottom of the grip g) Model number if it is under the crane. That number, if it is the s/n, should come from the butt of the grip (or under the barrel or face of the cylinder).

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Smith And Wesson Serial Number Check Iphone



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I've been drooling (figuratively ) over a 'Dirty Harry' Smith & Wesson 6 1/2' model 29-2 w/ PB, TT, TH, & RC serial numbered N63xxx at a nearby shop, and am curious re its date of manufacture. All sorts of references -- being my favorite -- for dates on all sorts of firearms, but I cannot seem to find any site/source for this Smith & Wesson firearms!
Might you direct me to a source -- other than sending $75.00 to S&W -- where I might look up/ascertain its age? (Or, better yet if you know, and will provide info to me!)
Thanks much!!!
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