Virtualbox 32 Bit Win 7

Portable-VirtualBox is a free and open source software tool that lets you run any operating system from a usb stick without separate installation.

  1. Virtualbox Win 7 32 Bit
  2. Virtualbox 32 Bit Win 10
  3. Virtualbox 32 Bit Win 10
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Installation instructions

Virtualbox 32 Bit - downyup. VirtualBox for Windows 7 - original software that allows you to experiment with operating systems. Creates a virtual machine, allows you to set iron parameters within certain limits. The advantage is the modular architecture and the presence of internal logic. Suitable for users with an average level of skills. Download Windows 11 ISO File 32 Bit. According to me, Windows 32 bit is a great built from Microsoft for low-end users. And I would say it is used by a very low number of users because of its fewer capabilities. There are so many to not to use a 32-bit version of Windows 11 because of unused RAM issues, not compatible with all apps, and other.

  1. Download and run Portable-VirtualBox_v5.1.22-Starter_v6.4.10-Win_all.exe.
  2. Choose a folder to extract to.
  3. Go to the folder and run Portable-VirtualBox.exe. You'll see a window like the one below:
  4. If you have already downloaded the installer for VirtualBox from click search and navigate to the file. If not, click 'Download The Installation Files of VirtualBox.' Portable-VirtualBox will show you the download's progress.
  5. Once the installer is download, check the boxes that are appropriate and click OK. Portable-VirtualBox will extract the files it needs from the VirtualBox installer, and restart itself afterward if you select the last checkbox.

Optional configuration

Portable-VirtualBox makes default settings automatically. You can modify them by pressing CTRL-5 or opening the tray menu while Portable-VirtualBox is running. Either action will bring up the configuration GUI below. The Hokey-Settings tab is shown open in the image below:


  • Splash screen to start and end
  • Configurable Home Directory
  • Launch the VirtualBox GUI or directly launch a VM
  • Configure the hotkeys for managing your virtual machine
  • Configure USB and network support
  • Choose language for GUI
  • Saves settings in editable *.ini-files
  • Can automatically check for VirtualBox updates
  • All absolute paths in the VirtualBox.xml are replaced automatically by relative paths
  • Checks to make sure VirtualBox files exist

Install files signature

All install files after launcher version 6.4.10 is digitally signed. Signer is “Open Source Developer, Runar Buvik”, certificate is issued by Certum Level III CA. This is temporarily disabled until a new certificate arrives in the mail.


Virtualbox 32 Bit Win 7

VirtualBox needs several kernel drivers installed and needs to start several services: if the drivers and services are not already installed you'll need administrator rights to run Portable-VirtualBox.

When Portable-VirtualBox starts, it checks to see if the drivers are installed. If they are not it will install them before running VirtualBox and will remove them afterward. Similarly, Portable-VirtualBox checks to see if the services are running. If not, it will start them and then stop them when it exits.

If you want to save space you can remove the language files for other languages than your own. That can save you nearly 10 MB. They are in the nls directory.

Virtualbox Win 7 32 Bit

You can also delete the documentation saving nearly 5 MB. You will find it in the doc directory.

When the VM is running you must press the 'Host-Key' (initially configured as the right CTRL-Key) to be able to use the other Hotkeys since otherwise the VM will have the focus.

Network support

  1. To download of Portable-VirtualBox
  2. Unpack from Portable-VirtualBox
  3. Start from Portable-VirtualBox
  4. Attitudes open (Tray --> attitudes, CTRL+5) --> rider Network (Tab) --> VirtualBox with network support start --> memory (save)
  5. Terminate from Portable-VirtualBox
  6. Start from Portable-VirtualBox
  7. Driver installation agree
  8. Wait
  9. Selection of a VM and the network map to host interfaces stop
  10. Attitudes make

Languages of Launcher

English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

Virtualbox 32 bit win 10


None of the files that come from VirtualBox are modified or otherwise changed.

Portable-VirtualBox downloads the VirtualBox installer which contains all of the VirtualBox files and drivers. Portable-VirtualBox unpacks the files and stores them in subdirectories . Portable-Virtualbox can also compress them in order to save space.


Table Of Content

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1- Download Windows 7 Iso

First of all, you need to download a Windows 7 Installer with Iso, and Bootable formats. If you have a copyright CD Key, you can download directly from a website of Microsoft:
If you have no copyright CD Key, let's seek a site to be able to download a Windows7 Iso installer, for instance, the following website:
OK, I have a Windows 7 installer with Iso format here:

2- Declare Windows 7 virtual machine

First, you need to open the VirtualBox, select New to create a new virtual machine.
Enter the name of virtual machine, herein called 'Windows7' by me
Choose the number of RAMs to be provided to the virtual machine.
Next, create a virtual hard disk for your virtual machine.
Select the position where your virtual disk file will be created and designate the size of your virtual disk.
A Windows 7 virtual machine is created and you can see it on the VirtualBox Manager window. It is noted that your virtual machine just created is not installed operating system, therefore, you need to install an operating system for it.

3- Install operating system

In the above step, you have just declared a virtual machine on the VirtualBox. Now, you need to install an operating system for it.

Virtualbox 32 Bit Win 10

The VirtualBox will ask you where the ISO file downloaded by you in the previous step is.

Virtualbox 32 Bit Win 10

OK, at this time, the operating system starts being installed. If you are familiar with the installation of windows operating system, this is very simple.
Enter password and hint. Your hinted information helps you remember the password if you forget it in the future.
OK Hệ điều hành đã cài đặt xong!

Virtualbox 64 Bit


4- Install additional tools

In the above step, you have installed a virtual machine successfully. In fact, you need copy & paste the files between the virtual machine and your computer, therefore, you need to install additional software.
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